Dear Residents and Families, Associates and Friends:

Thank you for bearing with the difficulties of this historical event of COVID-19. As of the writing of this letter, Hillcrest continues to have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on its campus. While good news, the danger of exposure is not behind us. We continue to be concerned about the spread of the coronavirus onto the Hillcrest campus.

I believe that the government may be slow to lift restrictions on organizations that serve older adults as they are the most vulnerable to severe illness per the CDC.

The ending of this chapter of the COVID-19 pandemic at Hillcrest will depend upon decisions we individually make now to keep ourselves and others safe. We have established The Covid-19 Relief Fund to continue our cautious measures. The fund will ensure that Personal Protective Equipment will be in ample supply for our front line health care workers, that training for associates and residents will continue routinely, there will always be ample medical supplies, that our dining services will continue to deliver nourishment in a safe and protective manner and that our residents will be stimulated and engaged to alleviate feelings of isolation.

Please help us keep our residents safe from Covid-19 by visiting our Covid-19 Relief Fund page.