Our Wellness Philosophy

Hillcrest operates on the researched-inspired principle that whole-person wellness involves a multidisciplinary approach considering every dimension of a person’s life. Residents want to remain vibrant, healthy, contributing members of family and society, to maintain their cognitive capacities and memories, to find meaning in life and share wisdom, and to feel happy and fulfilled. Accordingly, to guide its Life Enrichment and Wellness strategies, Hillcrest has adopted a wellness model that includes seven distinct areas of human health and well-being. These are: Body, Mind, Spirit, Environment, Emotion, Relationships, and Pursuits.

Residents have access to up-to-date tools 

which maximizes individual potential, vitality, and wellness by:

  • Body: Promoting physical health, including exercise, nutrition, and preventive and therapeutic health components
  • Mind: Providing opportunities for continuing intellectual growth and the maintenance or improvement of cognitive abilities
  • Spirit: Engaging in activities, events, and programs that encourage a sense of life purpose, inner strength, and a meaningful connection with something beyond oneself
  • Environment: Maintaining an environment in which it is natural for health to flourish, and supporting a relationship with the environment that recognizes the innate value of its many resources
  • Emotions: Maintaining healthy, positive attitudes; developing skills for handling life’s challenges; and promoting healthy levels of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Relationships: Encouraging supportive, positive relationships in a caring community, including Hillcrest associates and residents, as well as family and friends
  • Pursuits: Exploring opportunities for personal growth and enrichment through creativity, volunteerism, financial awareness, and meaningful hobbies, as well as seeking new life experiences of personal interest and meaningfulness

Wellness is an individual responsibility, and attitude is as important as exercise. Concurrently, Hillcrest recognizes the tremendous influence that organizational culture has upon personal choice, and, as a result, is committed to an integrative, whole-person wellness approach.This means that Hillcrest recognizes its responsibility to provide the physical space and equipment to support residents’ health and wellness, along with the programs and resources necessary to achieve a true sense and experience of wellness.

At Hillcrest, this includes the Aquatic and Fitness Center, Resident Services Center, Village Center, Chapel, contributions of the Resident Life & Wellness department, options for therapy in Woods Health Services and the Integrative Therapy Room, flexible dining services, and opportunities for involvement with quality organizations outside of Hillcrest.


Jump right in – the water’s great! Hillcrest’s popular water exercise classes focus on both cardiovascular and strength benefits with classes conducted in our beautiful, state of the art, heated indoor pool at our Aquatic & Fitness Center.  Whether you’re trying to maintain your current level of fitness or to reach a new level, the added benefit of training in water makes our aqua workouts safe and fun without harmful impact to the joints.

From water aerobic exercises to water walking exercises, working out in the pool is an excellent non-impact way to build strength, reduce body fat, and increase flexibility. These classes may use resistance tools that include buoyant water weights and noodles. Because of their low-impact format, aqua aerobics classes are suitable for every fitness level. Enjoy the rewards of your hard work, before or after you exercise, and relax in our Jacuzzi.

Strength Training

Our fitness center offers weight training equipment to work every part of your body.  The resistance/strength training and cardiovascular conditioning programs offer use of equipment such as Nautilus, Nu-Step recumbent steppers, Quinton treadmills, free weights and use of stability balls. We also offer one-on-one guidance for our special needs residents.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Hillcrest offers daily walking classes. Walking is a way to know our community close up. It is also good exercise to enhance physical and mental health.

Keep your heart healthy with daily low-impact aerobic senior workout classes designed for all fitness levels. We incorporate a chair into the workout for standing and seating support – enabling you to push yourself as far as you want.

Wellness Library Collection

Hillcrest is proud of its extraordinary Wellness Library. The over 1,800 titles represent what is thought to be the largest selection of books on wellness at any senior community in the country. Titles are carefully curated by title, author, and topic and available for resident use in the Aquatic & Fitness Center.

Instructional & Specialty Classes

Hillcrest’s programs and classes include an optional Personal Fitness Evaluation conducted by our trained and certified staff, followed by a tailor-made exercise program for each resident. Hillcrest’s AFC staff will be with you every step of the way, eliminating guesswork and clearing a path toward your fitness goals in a safe and effective way. Our programs facilitate staying active and managing better health to enhance the quality of life while maintaining independent living.

Three distinct fall prevention and balance classes are offered in our Aquatic & Fitness Center several mornings per week, ensuring you have the help you need to keep you up and active. Additionally, chair exercise classes are held throughout our campus. Our mind/body classes are a great way to quiet the chatter of daily life. Mind/body classes focus on improving your flexibility, strength and balance while enhancing your posture, coordination and mental focus. Chair Yoga, Chair Pilates and Gentle Range of Motion classes are a great way relieve stress and feel great.

Our certified instructors are eager to motivate, challenge and coach you to give your personal best in every group exercise class. Whether your goal is to lose weight, practice your balance, increase muscle tone or find inner peace, we not only have a class that is right for you, we also have the instructors who are anxious to lead you in a workout designed to meet your goals. Our group instructors know the science of the program they are instructing – they also understand how to effectively train a group.

They understand group dynamics and how to create a safe and effective workout environment by suggesting a variety of options throughout the class, enabling you to obtain the successful workout you desire. Working out is never boring in group exercise! Taking a class with other residents makes you realize you are not alone in your fitness journey. The energy, passion, commitment and hard work you find in our classes are contagious. You’ll leave every workout ready to address the rest of your day and looking forward to your next class.

Class Schedule

We make it simple to find a fitness class that works with your workout schedule. Whether you’re looking for an overall fitness experience or specific types of classes, you’ll find our fitness class schedule provides a positive, motivated environment to help you stay on track with your fitness routine. Hillcrest's fitness classes are now open to the public. (No charge for residents).  For the latest AFC Schedule, call 909-392-4029.